Tell Everyone How Hairloss Has Affected Your Life

To those individuals experiencing hair loss, the problem is certainly no laughing matter. In many cases, people who do not have hair loss in cannot understand what the ‘big deal’ is all about from losing hair. Many times, people make flip suggestions such as ‘get a wig or a hat’ or ‘shave your head’ if it bothers you. How often have we seen jokes about it on late night television?

Hair and its appearance is a ‘mirror of self’, and is a reflection of how many people feel about themselves and can be a very serious matter, indeed. Some people experience a loss of self esteem and feel that they cannot interact socially or in some cases, feel that their hair loss has negatively affected their career. So to those with the condition, hair loss is certainly no laughing matter and Lexington wants to help reinforce and widely disseminate this message.

With this in mind, in order to help the public gain an understanding of how hair loss has affected peoples’ lives, Lexington has begun an essay contest entitled, “How Hair Loss has Effected My Self Image” on the HairMax Face Book page, All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges on the criteria of creativity, originality and inspiration and awards will be granted for the best entries. A free HairMax will be given to the best entry and there will also be second and third place awards.

The purpose of the contest is to learn about the impact hereditary hair loss has had on peoples’ lives and the steps they have taken to deal with their condition A primary objective of the contest will be to get these stories out to the general public to heighten awareness about the impact hair loss has had on the millions of men and women who experience hereditary hair loss.

Lexington hopes that this contest will reinforce the message that hair loss is a serious issue and not one to be laughed or joked about. Lexington will post the best entries (anonymously) on their web site and Face Book page to get the word out to the widest possible audience on what hair loss really means to those who have it.

So, if you have something to say about how hair loss has affected your life, enter the contest and tell the public what it has meant to you and what you have done to deal with it. Tell them that hair loss IS… a ‘big deal’.