Men and women have shed hair since the beginning of time. Being ‘bald’ isn’t a new concept, so we thought you might be interested in hair loss treatments other cultures use to try to prevent balding from occurring. Most involved applying some pretty messy liquids to the scalp.

Victorian America

One concoction that was used to treat hair loss was the application of
cologne, spirit of camphor, and a pigment of cantharides to the roots of the hair each night. An additional ‘treatment,’ was the vigorous brushing of hair with soft hair brushes which were believed to promote hair growth.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians had some remedies for hair loss that may appear pretty bizarre. For instance, the Egyptians believed that the application of chopped lettuce (which was associated virility) to the bald area would promote hair growth. Another hair loss remedy the Egyptians utilized was the application of castor oil to the scalp. They often mixed this foul smelling formula with sweet almond oil to create a soothing aroma.


Indians once believed that by boiling sage leaves in coconut oil, that the liquid’s residue when applied to hair would cure balding.

In The Amazon

In the South American rainforests, the Taiwano Indians believed that hair loss and scalp problems could be treated with the heated extracts of bananas.Does anyone else know of any other “home” remedies that have been used over time to try to regrow hair?