Many of you have been interested in some background information on the Norwood-Hamilton Scale, the following should allow you to better understand the importance and meaning of the information presented in the scale.

The Norwood-Hamilton Scale for hair loss known simply as the Norwood scale. This is the scale that measures hair loss pictorially and puts a uniform degree scale on 8 to 12 specific types of hair loss. Norwood published this in: South Med J. 1975 Nov;68(11):1359-65.

The Norwood Hamilton Scale

Dr. Norwood early on saw the need for widely accepted standard of classification for male pattern baldness that could be reproduced. His study, Male Pattern Baldness Classification and Incidence, published in 1975 is a classic and seminal work and remains the standard today. It is used by all hair transplant surgeons and physicians from all over the world studying and communicating about male pattern baldness.

The HairMax LaserComb was cleared by the FDA in January of 2007 to treat males who are classified as Norwood Hamilton IIa to V.