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Top 8 Hair Loss Myths

As we grow older the idea – and often times reality – of some form of hair loss occurring can be anxiety-inducing. Worrying about hair [...]

Top 8 Hair Loss Myths2018-10-22T13:42:23-05:00

Is Your Scalp at Risk This Summer?

  May is Melanoma Awareness Month Melanoma Monday, the first Monday in May, was established to raise awareness and remind us to familiarize ourselves with some of [...]

Is Your Scalp at Risk This Summer?2018-08-01T11:07:57-05:00

5 Foods to Boost Hair Growth

Did you know there are certain foods that you are probably already eating that can help your hair grow longer, strong, and faster? A [...]

5 Foods to Boost Hair Growth2018-02-14T11:23:50-05:00

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

A very interesting article was published in the New York Times newspaper on August 26, 2010 as to whether there is a connection between hair [...]

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?2016-04-08T14:24:17-05:00

Hair Loss and Smoking

A book just came out entitled, Aging Hair edited by Drs. Ralph Treub and Desmond Tobin and the book contains some very interesting information on [...]

Hair Loss and Smoking2016-04-29T19:03:33-05:00