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Feed Your Hair

Feed Your Hair What we put into our bodies matters, as your body’s healing process starts from within. Minerals, nutrients, vitamins and proteins benefit thinning [...]

Feed Your Hair2019-02-04T13:40:03-05:00

Hair Loss Vitamins

For many men, the first sign of hair loss can feel like the death knell of youth. A casual peek in the mirror that reveals [...]

Hair Loss Vitamins2018-02-20T11:32:27-05:00

5 Foods to Boost Hair Growth

Did you know there are certain foods that you are probably already eating that can help your hair grow longer, strong, and faster? A [...]

5 Foods to Boost Hair Growth2018-02-14T11:23:50-05:00

Drugs That Affect Hair Health

While most people know about female and male pattern baldness, not much is known about drugs that are taken that may negatively impact hair health [...]

Drugs That Affect Hair Health2016-04-08T14:27:09-05:00

Hair Loss and Smoking

A book just came out entitled, Aging Hair edited by Drs. Ralph Treub and Desmond Tobin and the book contains some very interesting information on [...]

Hair Loss and Smoking2016-04-29T19:03:33-05:00